Garlic and herb bread

I use the term ‘bread’ loosely.  It’s totally a biscuit.  One massive biscuit.  Joy used the term bread though, so I’m sticking with it.

I’m also blogging, again, about food that could potentially be mistaken for a brain.  100% unintentional.  Promise.

You bake it in a pot with the lid on, I’m assuming, to let the steam cook the bread some [though I’m no bread scientist].  I like that idea.  I wonder how this would change other bread recipes.  I mean, you’re essentially doing the same thing when you use a bread maker right?  I wonder if steam comes into play then.  Hmm, I sense a google-fest later today….

Next great idea- the plopping-the-dough-in-olive-oil idea.  The bottom of this bread was solely eaten by me.  De-lish.

Also tasty?  Garlic.  Lots and lost of garlic.  Even better?  Garlic combined with butter.  The house smelled amazing when I had that combination on the stove.

I would not, however, recommend making this if you are incapable of portioning leftovers. Eating garlic biscuits bread at midnight is not the best life choice.  Just trust me on that one.


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