Hi, my name is Jesse, and I’m a girl.  Why my parents decided to spell my name like a male’s I have no idea.  Maybe they thought it would be funny if I always got mail addressed to a “Mr”.

My blog has no specific theme, and while I’m sure that would disappoint all of my past english teachers- I’m not in school anymore!  So there!  I do what I want!  [Sometimes.]

I enjoy [among other things] cooking, music, fashion, design, photography, and traveling, which is what this blog is about: sharing my passions with you!

You can also read my first angst-ridden post for your own amusement and some more juicy details…

p.s.- all the photos in my blog are mine so lets at least make some english teacher out there proud and cite/link back to me if you use them.  Chicago style.


One thought on “About

  1. Jesse Wolfe! I just started a blog myself…to join the bajillion other amazing bloggers out there, but it should be loads of fun! (the link might automatically come up with this reply). anyway, i’m loving all the stuff on here so far! miss you and can’t wait to read about all your adventures!!

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