Becoming an adult…finally.

Things are about to get interesting around here: next week is my last week of working full-time in St. Mary’s County, then I’m moving to Philadelphia [!] where I’m sub-letting my friend’s apartment for a month before I move into my OWN apartment for a one-year lease.

Holy crap.  I’m becoming an adult.

No more using dad’s debit card [whose number I have memorized. so sad] to buy groceries. 

No more getting my meals paid for anytime we go out to eat.  Alcohol included.

No more paying $200 for rent every month.

Life is about to get REAL.  As reflected in my first post on the blog just over a year ago- I was a little bitter about my life situation.  I was living at home, working on the same Naval base where I took a random summer job right before college.  Heck, I was even sleeping in the same bedroom that I grew up in.  It was pretty hard not to feel like I was rushing out the door to catch the bus to school every morning when I left for work and my parents called out for me to “have a good day!”.

But it grew on me.  This tiny little town in Southern Maryland.  I started to realize it was actually pretty cool, and there were a lot of interesting people hanging around here.  Sure, being over 21 helped significantly, but I was also just enjoying living here in general.  I could go on 10 mile runs along the water on St. George’s Island, and do a 25 mile bike ride in the company of farms and cows without fearing cars would end my life.  I could buy fresh produce from one of many Amish food stands [or a pie if I felt so inclined].  I could pick my own strawberries and apples.  I could go kayaking 5 miles from my house!

And I liked it.

I discovered that my parents are actually pretty cool people.  Sure, they have their quirks, but the more I hung out with them- the more I realized I had the same quirks [verdict is still out as to whether or not thats a good thing].  I found out my mom has a nose for good wine and food and she is always down for a casual wine tasting.  She has an amazing camera collection that I could certainly learn a thing or two from.  I learned its not too difficult to convince my dad to go hiking with me, and that I can learn a lot about life from him. [Thanks for the roth IRA lesson by the way]

I could drive up to my grandparent’s house and cook them dinner and dessert, and make them the happiest people alive.  I could also snag some herb plants and numerous vegetables from their farm as parting gifts, which is always a bonus.

Not to mention- oh hello money saving!  Working a full-time job while only paying minimal rent and a phone bill every month [even with my loan payments tucked in there] allowed me some serious financial freedom.  I flew to visit my sister twice, I did a road trip across the country, and I freaking went to Peru!  Not bad.

Despite all these amazing things- it was time for a change.  No matter how much St. Mary’s was growing on me, I still need to do a bit of growing up myself.  So I decided to move.  Plus, I really wanted a dog, and my dad’s strict “no dog” policy was pretty limiting. 

Philadelphia was an easy choice for me:  I have several close friends living there, it has a lot of job openings in my field, its relatively close to home- no plane ride needed, plus- I just enjoy the city.  I like a city that’s a bit rough around the edges.  Like San Francisco and Baltimore.  It adds character 🙂

So there we have it: I’m trying to grow up.  Only time will tell if it actually works.

Now if you’ll excuse me- I’m going to go spend countless hours on


One thought on “Becoming an adult…finally.

  1. Thank you for making my first few months back home worthwhile and being such a great friend. I’ll miss you but I know it’s time for you to move on with your life. Have a great time in Philadelphia and don’t you think for a second that our racing days together are over. #BoomerangKids4Life

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