Spinach and Pork Dumplings

It’s official: won ton wrappers are my new favorite grocery item.  They’re cheap and make dinner a cinch.  Just whip up a little somethin’ somethin’ for your filling, wrap it up, boil it.  Dinner.  Yum.

Also, soy sauce is amazing.  But I think we all already knew that.

I get daily e-mails from Food & Wine magazine, each with a different recipe highlighted.  Sure, reading about food at 7am may not seem appealing to most but I’m totally OK with it considering I think about food 90% of the time anyway.  I was sent this recipe a while ago, and it was instantly bookmarked as ‘to-make’.

You see, I love pork.  Actually, I love anything that comes from a pig.  I love bacon.  I love pork chops.  I love pork butt/shoulder.  I love sausage.  You get the point.

It’s the same reason why when I saw a recipe for pork empanadas I was instantly down to make them.  Speaking of those, I think I’m due for another batch…

Right.  Pork dumplings.  I prepared them the night before, and they couldn’t have been easier to make.  The next day you just drop ’em in a pot of boiling water et voilà!  Dinner in less than 10 minutes.  Throw some soy sauce on top and let the feast begin.  I served the dumplings by themselves, but I bet they would be delicious served over a bunch of steamed broccoli with the whole shebang smothered in soy sauce for an extra oomph of veggies.  Do your thing.

I love a good assembly line

They were comforting in every sense of the word.  Its hard to explain so I can only hope you make these and experience it for yourself.  Everything from the ijustcameoutofaboilingpotofwater steam to the smoky flavor of the sesame oil to the crunch of the scallions comes into play.  Its all just…perfect.

Pork dumplings- you had me at hello.

Also, is it me- or do they kind of look like brains?  They totally look like brains.  That’s appetizing, right?


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