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Phillip Phillips, “Home”


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The Outer Banks

Now that I have finally gotten the film developed, I have pictures from the beach when my family and I went down for a friends’ wedding!  Here are a few I snapped of the house we rented along with water views:

209600202096001620960021These last couple are from Jockey’s Ridge State Park.  Its the largest natural sand dunes on the East Coast.  People were hang-gliding off them they were so huge.  Maybe next time…


Stella meets the beach

Ever since I adopted Stella I’ve been on a mission to make her love the water.  It started with me taking her to a small beach in St. Mary’s county and her biting at / being weirded out by the waves, and ended with me pulling her into the water at my aunt and uncle’s lake house.  That last one didn’t go over too well.

When we went to the Outer Banks for my friend’s wedding I was bound and determined to finally have Stella embrace the water.  Mission Accomplished:

All pictures were taken with my mom’s Olympus OM-1, no editing.



Adventures in parks with Stella


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I miss hiking in Shenandoah. Like, a lot. Luckily, Philadelphia has a pretty decent amount of land designated for state parks.  It’s no Colorado or Utah, but I’ll take it. The first 9 pictures were taken during a hike in … Continue reading