Braised Beans and Leeks

I love soup.  I make one massive pot of soup/week once Fall hits and never turn back until the Spring flowers start to show their faces.

Soup is comforting.  It’s warm when the weather outside is cold.  It’s perfect.

I had been on a bit of a chili kick when I decided to switch it up and made this soup from Good Things Grow.

I changed the recipe slightly by adding in a few chopped slices of bacon.  What can I say?  I love bacon.  You can, obviously, keep the meal vegetarian and skip the bacon, but I think it added a great smoky flavor.  Pancetta would also be a delicious addition.

The dish is time consuming between soaking the beans overnight and braising the soup in the oven for 3 hours, but its worth the wait!  You could also buy canned beans, but I think the beauty in these types of dishes is the actual time it takes to make them.  The flavor you get after simmering for 3 hours is going to be much more complex than a quick 30 minute simmer.  But, as always, do your thing.  Not everyone has 3 hours to set aside on a Sunday….it was a lazy weekend OK!?