Well this is awkward…

I don’t live in Philadelphia anymore.  I live in Boston.  I have for a year. But you wouldn’t know that because I haven’t written a post here in over a year.  Well, I guess you would know that because pretty much everyone that follows my blog is a family member/friend but thats beside the point.  The point is that I have really fallen off the bandwagon here.  And, the truth is, I miss blogging! I miss having a purpose of being on the internet other than to aimlessly roam for hours. I miss taking pictures! So I’m going to try and do better.  It’s my mission this summer to try and write more and share more.  We’ll see how it goes…


Things I’m obsessed with

I haven’t been on the internet as much lately, but that hasn’t stopped me from gaining a few new obsessions.  Allow me to share them:

This video is hilarious

This watch.  Yes, I know it’s a man’s watch, but I still want it anyway.

MacroBars!  I recently spotted them at Whole Foods, and I’m in love.  I’ve tried the ‘Peanut Protein’ and ‘Cherries n’ Berries’ flavors with great success.

Then and Now pictures of former Olympians

Everlane’s t-shirts.  Never underestimate a good tee.

I want to live in Austin for many reasons, this is one of them.

LevelUp.  Seriously, genius.  Especially when you happen to forget your wallet in a co-workers car…

Reading on the Subway

My newest shoe fascination.  Use PromoCode TTT15 for $15 off [US orders only]

Yards Brewing Company, a local Philly brewery!  If you ever see their beer- try it.  Even better, if you live near Philadelphia- go on a tour of the brewery, they’re free on Saturdays and Sundays!

Oh, and this song [and band]:

Atlas Genius, “Symptoms” 

Happy Sunday friends!

Classic puppy move

Friends, I’m obsessed.  I adopted Stella from Homeward Trails in Arlington, VA almost two weeks ago and I can’t get enough!  She is a boxer/beagle mix [I think], and a little over 4 months old.  The organization had named her Stella, and it’s kind of grown on me so I’m keeping it.  Plus its funny to hear random strangers go “Stellaaaa” every time I tell them her name.

She loves to chew on everything.  I mean everything. My hands, innocent newspaper lying around, anything in the trashcan.  Luckily my shoes are not included on that list, but the lever on our leather recliner is….

The girl has way too much energy for poor old Gracie and literally runs laps around her. If I had the amount of energy she does when she’s chasing her tail- I would be a very productive person. Gracie is being a trooper and is doing her best to completely ignore Stella except for her random bursts of energy after a nap when she decides to play back.

And have you ever actually seen a dog bury a bone?  I hadn’t until last weekend.  She literally took a rawhide outside, went to the corner of the garden, dug a whole, dropped it in there, and covered it back up again.  Then, after my mom dug it up, she buried it again- except this time in our dirty laundry basket.  She’s a trip.

Now, allow me to share her cuteness:

Becoming an adult…finally.

Things are about to get interesting around here: next week is my last week of working full-time in St. Mary’s County, then I’m moving to Philadelphia [!] where I’m sub-letting my friend’s apartment for a month before I move into my OWN apartment for a one-year lease.

Holy crap.  I’m becoming an adult.

No more using dad’s debit card [whose number I have memorized. so sad] to buy groceries. 

No more getting my meals paid for anytime we go out to eat.  Alcohol included.

No more paying $200 for rent every month.

Life is about to get REAL.  As reflected in my first post on the blog just over a year ago- I was a little bitter about my life situation.  I was living at home, working on the same Naval base where I took a random summer job right before college.  Heck, I was even sleeping in the same bedroom that I grew up in.  It was pretty hard not to feel like I was rushing out the door to catch the bus to school every morning when I left for work and my parents called out for me to “have a good day!”.

But it grew on me.  This tiny little town in Southern Maryland.  I started to realize it was actually pretty cool, and there were a lot of interesting people hanging around here.  Sure, being over 21 helped significantly, but I was also just enjoying living here in general.  I could go on 10 mile runs along the water on St. George’s Island, and do a 25 mile bike ride in the company of farms and cows without fearing cars would end my life.  I could buy fresh produce from one of many Amish food stands [or a pie if I felt so inclined].  I could pick my own strawberries and apples.  I could go kayaking 5 miles from my house!

And I liked it.

I discovered that my parents are actually pretty cool people.  Sure, they have their quirks, but the more I hung out with them- the more I realized I had the same quirks [verdict is still out as to whether or not thats a good thing].  I found out my mom has a nose for good wine and food and she is always down for a casual wine tasting.  She has an amazing camera collection that I could certainly learn a thing or two from.  I learned its not too difficult to convince my dad to go hiking with me, and that I can learn a lot about life from him. [Thanks for the roth IRA lesson by the way]

I could drive up to my grandparent’s house and cook them dinner and dessert, and make them the happiest people alive.  I could also snag some herb plants and numerous vegetables from their farm as parting gifts, which is always a bonus.

Not to mention- oh hello money saving!  Working a full-time job while only paying minimal rent and a phone bill every month [even with my loan payments tucked in there] allowed me some serious financial freedom.  I flew to visit my sister twice, I did a road trip across the country, and I freaking went to Peru!  Not bad.

Despite all these amazing things- it was time for a change.  No matter how much St. Mary’s was growing on me, I still need to do a bit of growing up myself.  So I decided to move.  Plus, I really wanted a dog, and my dad’s strict “no dog” policy was pretty limiting. 

Philadelphia was an easy choice for me:  I have several close friends living there, it has a lot of job openings in my field, its relatively close to home- no plane ride needed, plus- I just enjoy the city.  I like a city that’s a bit rough around the edges.  Like San Francisco and Baltimore.  It adds character 🙂

So there we have it: I’m trying to grow up.  Only time will tell if it actually works.

Now if you’ll excuse me- I’m going to go spend countless hours on petfinder.com