Winter Salad

I’ve officially decided that the health kick needs to start….like yesterday.

The second it drops below 60˚ I become an instant wimp.  I never want to run outside so I start bringing my workouts indoors and quickly lose interest on the treadmill.  Instead of running 4 miles I’ll barely make it through 2.  Treadmills suck.

Sandy brought in the winter weather here in PA and I finally forced myself to run outside yesterday.  It was 45˚, and it wasn’t too bad.  Honest.

I made this dish from Green Kitchen Stories over the weekend to help the healthy eating process before the holidays and to balance out my lack of exercise.

Slam dunk.

There’s millet, there’s pomegranate seeds [and a great method for getting the seeds out!]. There’s avocado and butternut squash.  I’m in heaven.  I chose to chop up almonds over each serving instead of macadamia nuts but that’s mainly because I’m way too obsessed with the tamarind almonds in the bulk bin at Whole Foods.  Truth.



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