So this is my friend’s tomato plant that we had all deemed beyond help- calls were made to my mom and grandparents, it was official, the plant was dead.  Fast forward a month: I just ate that cracked red tomato in a salad

and that green tomato in the picture is now almost completely red, with three other green baby tomatoes soon to be ready for the picking. Gotta love those Amish plants- they’re survivors.

Its no secret here that I love falafel.  I could recite a monologue on Amsterdam Falafel in DC, and I’ve posted two other recipes on the blog aside from the one I made last week.  It’s an obsession getting dangerously close to my granola one.

It’s just so simple to make!  I use canned chickpeas and mash them up with a fork.  All thats left is to throw in some herbs and lemon juice, mix it up and you have falafel, my friends.

This time around, instead of stuffing the falafel into a pitas, the traditional way, I decided to go the salad route. I scored some delicious figs from Whole Foods and diced those up with some basic salad goodies and, of course, a home grown tomato.  Add some fresh cracked pepper with vinegar et voila!  Lunch 🙂

I highly recommend it.


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