A simple dinner

I try to buy fish every week at the grocery.  My regulars are salmon and cod, but this recipe will work for any kind that strikes your fancy.  That’s the best thing about fish- you can use any of your favorite spices or sauces on them and it just absorbs the flavor.  Kind of like tofu but, you know, not vegetarian…

I like to use salmon a lot because of the health benefits- gotta get those omega-3’s!!- but any choice is a good source of lean protein for your day so, if you can, try adding it to your normal routine once or twice a week!

In the picture above I sautéed a salmon fillet after giving it a good sprinkle of salt and pepper.  Then, while it was on the stove, I poured the juice of a lemon over it twice- once per side.  To make it a meal, I sautéed up some asparagus with salt and pepper then poured balsamic vinegar over it that I had cooked on the stovetop with diced red onions. Top it with some feta, and you’re good to go.

It’s nothing revolutionary, but sometimes its nice to see another take on a simple dish. Everyone has their favorite way to make fish [and chicken and steak]- this is mine!

To end,

Last Dinosaurs, “Zoom”


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