I cook sometimes…

I swear!  I’ve just been slacking in the photographing department.  Usually because I don’t have much time, but mainly because I’m lazy.

Here are a few snaps of two recent meals I’ve made:

Even if you don’t make this meal, make the dressing.  Holy crap- so amazing.  It’s totally adjustable to whatever you have on hand or prefer to use.  I substituted almond butter for the tahini sauce, and I’m sure peanut butter would work great as well.  No worries if you don’t feel like shelling out $10 for tahini that you may or may not ever use again…definitely not speaking from experience…same thing goes for the nutritional yeast- not necessary.  I used the tofu as suggested in the recipe  but chicken or steak would substitute well.

I made this dish a few weekends ago, and loved it.  It’s a great way to embrace the summer vegetables and get your fix of healthy for the day!  The romesco sauce made about twice as much as I needed for the grilled veggies so I  continued to put it on wraps and sandwiches throughout the next week.  Its a totally versatile sauce- if you have a food processor or a good blender it comes highly recommended.

Also highly recommended?  This song, I hope you dig it:

Youngblood Hawke, “We Come Running”


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