Things I’m obsessed with

I haven’t been on the internet as much lately, but that hasn’t stopped me from gaining a few new obsessions.  Allow me to share them:

This video is hilarious

This watch.  Yes, I know it’s a man’s watch, but I still want it anyway.

MacroBars!  I recently spotted them at Whole Foods, and I’m in love.  I’ve tried the ‘Peanut Protein’ and ‘Cherries n’ Berries’ flavors with great success.

Then and Now pictures of former Olympians

Everlane’s t-shirts.  Never underestimate a good tee.

I want to live in Austin for many reasons, this is one of them.

LevelUp.  Seriously, genius.  Especially when you happen to forget your wallet in a co-workers car…

Reading on the Subway

My newest shoe fascination.  Use PromoCode TTT15 for $15 off [US orders only]

Yards Brewing Company, a local Philly brewery!  If you ever see their beer- try it.  Even better, if you live near Philadelphia- go on a tour of the brewery, they’re free on Saturdays and Sundays!

Oh, and this song [and band]:

Atlas Genius, “Symptoms” 

Happy Sunday friends!


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