Adventures in parks with Stella

I miss hiking in Shenandoah.

Like, a lot.

Luckily, Philadelphia has a pretty decent amount of land designated for state parks.  It’s no Colorado or Utah, but I’ll take it.

The first 9 pictures were taken during a hike in Wissahickon Park- an extension of Fairmount Park [the last 3 pictures], which starts in the city near the Art Museum. Wissahickon is great because I can let Stella run free for a little bit- any chance I get for her to tire herself out, I take.  Fairmount is right in the city though so you can’t beat it for accessibility .  The side I was on runs along Boathouse Row– next time I’m going to try and walk along the other side of the river so I can get some pictures of the infamous boat houses.

All pictures taken with my mom’s old Olympus OM-1:


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