Blueberry Cornbread

So when I first saw this recipe– it seemed a little weird to me.  Blueberries in my cornbread?  Cornbread is for winter and chili, not summer and blueberries.  Right?

Apparently not.  I’m kind of digging this recipe.  Like “I have to pawn some off onto roommates and friends so I don’t eat it all” digging it.

You get the flavor of cornbread up front- sweet and savory- but then there’s a nice fresh punch with the blueberries.  To me, it’s the same concept as making a cobbler- you take a dough, add fresh fruit, and pretend it’s somewhat healthy for you.  I originally thought the corn flavor wouldn’t jive too well with fresh fruit [mainly because I had never thought to do it before], but I’m a believer now.

Trust me, it works.

Here’s a song for you in case blueberries and cornbread isn’t really your thing:

Gaslight Anthem, “45”


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