Soba noodles w/ peanut sauce

Let’s have asian tonight, ya?

I love soba noodles.  They have a bit of a gummy texture and an earthier taste than regular pasta.  Plus it has more sodium than your traditional spaghetti noodle- making it a great post-exercise meal.

A lot of people make soup with soba noodles, and I highly recommend it, but pairing them with a peanut sauce is also a common- totally delicious- meal.  This is a recipe I swiped from the blog Love and Lemons, but feel free to use your favorite thai recipe for peanut sauce.

I ended up using about 10oz of spinach and 1.5 cups broccoli in place of the kale and edamame, but most any combination of vegetables will do- just use what you have on hand!

If I have one suggestion it would be to make 1.5 of the sauce recipe.  I thought it was a little  scarce- or at least just put some extra soy sauce in there [that’s what I did for left-overs].

May I also just throw this out there?  Food with peanut sauce is not pretty.

Happy Monday!


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