Falafel, part II

Friends, I love falafel. So much so that this is actually my second time posting about it on the blog. Guilty.

I’m slightly embarrassed [no I’m not] to admit that one of the things I’m really going to miss about going out in DC is inebriated trips to Amsterdam Falafel.


I’ll just have to find an equal substitution in Philadelphia.

If you’ve never had falafel- now is your time to try it. This recipe I found via The Kitchn is very simple- it doesn’t require a food processor and you use canned garbanzo beans [chickpeas]. You even bake them in the oven so there is no need to worry about burning them on the stovetop. Easy peasy.

I served mine with a tatziki sauce since we didn’t have any tahini for tahini sauce but either would be fine. Plus the recipe makes a ton so you can store them in the fridge for a busy night later in the week!


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