Classic puppy move

Friends, I’m obsessed.  I adopted Stella from Homeward Trails in Arlington, VA almost two weeks ago and I can’t get enough!  She is a boxer/beagle mix [I think], and a little over 4 months old.  The organization had named her Stella, and it’s kind of grown on me so I’m keeping it.  Plus its funny to hear random strangers go “Stellaaaa” every time I tell them her name.

She loves to chew on everything.  I mean everything. My hands, innocent newspaper lying around, anything in the trashcan.  Luckily my shoes are not included on that list, but the lever on our leather recliner is….

The girl has way too much energy for poor old Gracie and literally runs laps around her. If I had the amount of energy she does when she’s chasing her tail- I would be a very productive person. Gracie is being a trooper and is doing her best to completely ignore Stella except for her random bursts of energy after a nap when she decides to play back.

And have you ever actually seen a dog bury a bone?  I hadn’t until last weekend.  She literally took a rawhide outside, went to the corner of the garden, dug a whole, dropped it in there, and covered it back up again.  Then, after my mom dug it up, she buried it again- except this time in our dirty laundry basket.  She’s a trip.

Now, allow me to share her cuteness:


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