Cod + Artichokes + Chickpeas

I have a simple dinner for you guys.  It takes about 15 minutes, and can be done with mostly canned foods.  Well…two of them are canned.  But chopping veggies is a cinch and can be done the day before if necessary.

You can’t beat a simple/adaptable recipe.  Don’t like mushrooms?  Use squash or zucchini or add in spinach if you have a bag that’s about to go bad.  You really can’t go wrong.  Promise.

As a side note- when I cook fish I always juice a lemon and pour the juice over the fish while its sautéing in the pan.  It infuses the fish with lemon more so than just giving it a hit of lemon at the end with garnish- as always, do your thing.

Not very pretty, but very tasty

Essentially this is just a fish + vegetables dinner.  It’s not revolutionary, it’s just a reminder that dinner can taste amazing and be easy and quick to make.

Sometimes we need reminders.

Like when I try to make pizza from scratch on a Wednesday night.  It would have been nice to of been reminded of that then.

A song for your listening pleasure- the latest single by M83 in case you haven’t heard it

M83, “Reunion”


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