From around the web [and Philly]…

So, I know I’m a little behind on this one, but has anyone been watching Veep on HBO?  I’m digging it.  I also find myself cussing more after watching the first 5 episodes in two days…they drop the f-bomb like no other.

An awesome blog concept– who doesn’t love sandwiches?

Uh oh- this could be dangerous for me

I think this would be a great gift for anyone, anytime [assuming you’re 21+, of course]

Mmm, this too!

And now, in honor of my move, a little Philly edition- as it turns out, Philadelphia has been breeding some pretty awesome shops/activites:

Mmmm, dessert

Peg and Awl

Just bought my ticket for this music festival!! Lolla 2011 repeat?

Can’t wait to pay this brewery a little visit

And here’s a song to jazz up your weekend

Dr. John, “Revolution”


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