Apricot and grapefruit bars

If you like fruit roll-ups, you will like these.

The fruit bars are completely customizable to any flavor profile you prefer.  Any dried fruit would work- cherries, figs, blueberries- or a combination!  You can also substitute any kind of nut or seed you have on hand or prefer.

I ended up using half almonds and half sunflower seeds in place of the recipe’s 1/2 cup almonds.  I also did a combination of both grapefruit juice and lemon juice to soak the apricots in because the grapefruit I bought wasn’t particularly juicy…I bet orange juice would work as well- though its significantly less acidic and tart than grapefruit and lemons so it could make the bars a little too sweet.

As you can tell, it ended up getting a little messy when I was trying to cut the sheet into bars.  I might not have baked them long enough though***.  I rolled the dough out to probably 1/4 of an inch instead of the recommended 1/2 inch and only baked it for 13 minutes the first round in the oven.  After I cut them up I baked them for 6 more minutes.  I think they turned out fine but just be aware- things could get messy.

***I also used wax paper instead of parchment paper since we were fresh out of the stuff.  <shrug>  I’d assume parchment paper would have been the better choice.

Do you thing.  Enjoy.  Pretend your in elementary school again with your Fruit By the Foot…in bar form…


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