Bran muffins

Yes, I made bran muffins.

Yes, I like bran muffins.

I also love prunes.

No, I am not 75 years old.  I just like these things.

Bran adds a great chewy texture most baked goods, and I particularly like to substitute 1/4 to 1/2 cup of bran in muffin or cookie recipes for regular flour to give the recipe a little oomph.  Hey, then I can pretend they’re at least a little healthy…

These muffins are super soft and airy- they have a subtle sweetness from the dates, and a nice nutty flavor form all that yummy bran.

So, just give ’em a try yeah?  If you don’t like them [you totally will] you can just give them to your grandparents and they’ll love you forever and ever.

***recipe notes- I substituted ground flax for the chia seeds, but if you don’t have either- an egg will work juuuust fine.  Same goes for coconut oil- don’t have any?  Use olive oil!

If you decide to make them exactly how I did each muffin is about 180 calories.


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