Trip down memory lane…

…to Versailles

As I was going through my external hard-drive transferring files I want on my new [NEW] computer- I came across my Paris pictures.  I realized I never finished my series on “things to see in Paris”, and I apologize.  So I’ll do one more installment: see Versailles!

If you’re already in Paris its an extremely easy trip.  All you have to do is go to an RER C station [I believe I went to the one near the Eiffel Tower since our apartment was right there] and take the train all the way to the end.  Just be sure you’re on the C5!  Easy peasy.

Sure, its touristy.  But, trust me, there is plenty of space to roam around.

Sure its a tad expensive.  But is it worth it?  Hell to the yeah!

I apologize in advance for the onslaught of pictures coming your way.  I started with 97, pared it down to 33, and then one more time down to 25 but that’s the best I can do.  There is just so much to see!  The actual Palace itself, then the grounds, then Petit and Grand Trianon.  It’s a whole day.  A very, very tiring day.  But you have to do it- you won’t be sorry.  Plus, they sell ice cream there.  It’ll give you stamina.

The actual history of Versailles is fascinating.  I studied it, but you don’t need to know all the nitty gritty details.  You just need to know that King Louis XIII built it, King Louis XIV expanded it to what you see today, and -oh hey!- Marie Antoinette lived there [Petit Trianon was ‘hers’].

Another fun fact- if you happen to have the luxury to travel around France a bit- you should stop in at Vaux-le-Vicomte.  This was actually one of the topics I had to ‘teach’ my fellow classmates when we were studying abroad and it is beautiful. Versailles was designed by the same architect and landscape architect and probably modeled after it.

It was sort of a jealousy thing- if I comprehended it correctly- Louis XIV didn’t like being showed-up in the “glitz and glam” category and decided that Fouquet [the owner of Vaux-le-Vicomte] stole money in order to afford such an estate, arrested him for treason, hired the same designers, and he then built an even larger one.

Oh men and their egos

Anyway, I’m rambling.  Here’s some pictures to convince you Versailles is worth the train ride [as a side note- I accidentally inserted all the pictures in the opposite order of how I saw them.  We started in the Palace and ended at Petit Trianon.  These things happen]:


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