From around the web…

Ahh let the long weekend begin.  Here’s to cookouts and BBQ’s- some links to bide your time before the clock strikes “weekend”

Hmm the “do’s and dont’s of growing up

I don’t think I’ve been this excited about an album release in a while.  No Doubt rocked my elementary school world

I miiight have come dangerously close to shedding a tear over this story

Huh, so now I know why I don’t like cilantro…

I love a good meme

This 9 year-old and I would be great friends

Top 10 Nutrient Dense foods

A food and wine pairing menu!

Jay-Z is the man

Warning- I lost my apetite after reading about all these gross things found in our food.

Beautiful shoes!

This app is genius

For when my trusty tote finally decides its had enough

Favorite snacks of the great writers

Oh, and this and this are highly recommended.  Tested and tasted.  Yum.

Finally, here’s a nice-n-sappy song for you.  Kind of reminds me of a Joshua Radin song…ahhh Joshua Radin- thanks for getting me through my final exams freshman year

Ed Sheeran, “The A Team”


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