Peru goodies

I promise- I’ll be uploading more pictures from my Peru trip shortly!  Until then, lets talk shopping 🙂

Surely, you didn’t think I would come back from vacation without a few purchases right?  Here’s my loot:

A [hand?] woven rug I got at a market in Ollantaytambo for 50 s/. [$18] I thought it would make a nice bathroom mat or wall hanging

A wooden display bowl with inlayed design from Cusco- totally don’t remember how much but I think around 80 s/. [please ignore the pollen in the background- I know, it haunts me too]

Wooden llama carving with silver bell from the same store in Cusco as the bowl 35 s/. I couldn’t leave without a llama!

Oil painting by an artist in Ollantaytambo.  I bought both this and the following for 150 s/. [$65] The artist was so awesome- one of my friends was trying to barter a price for a painting she wanted and he told her he couldn’t go lower because it was his wife’s.  Now that’s a good husband 😉

Water color by the same artist as above.

I also left the country with some Pisco [had to!], wine, lots of chocolate [definitely eaten by now], and a box of alfajores!  Those cookies made me a better woman- ugh, so good! 

Everytime I go to a new place- especially a new country- I always try to buy locally made items [especially artwork] that I can take back and showcase in my room/apartment.  My travel buddies and I all agreed a house full of mis-matched travel knick knacks is way better than one without 🙂


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