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I think it’s official: my computer hates me. My beautiful MacBook Pro from 2006 is totally rebelling against me. Sure, I loaded ~600 photos onto my alreadyprettyfull iPhoto, and my iTunes could use some editing to make my computer run a little faster, but come ooon iPhoto. Stop quitting everytime I try to open you!! It’s making uploading/just plain looking at photos pretty difficult…I really hope this doesn’t mean I need a new computer because I’m a Mac girl through-and-through who just went to Peru [hah, that rhymed] and can’t affort to drop $2,000 on a computer right now…

OK, enough whining, let’s try and make your Friday a little more interesting with some internet musings shall we?

Obsessed with these bangles

While I’m mentioning Etsy, how about an awesome website that sifts through the chaos and gives you some super rad highlights? A few discoveries I’ve made are this, this, and this.

I’ve always wanted a vegetable garden, and if you’re in the same boat- a couple helpful articles

I love a good Old Fashioned

I love me some simple, elegant jewelry

I try to make myself a green smoothie mon-fri, here are a few boosters to make them even more healthy

This is pretty hilarious/awesome

I got these rosemary almonds in my last Blissmobox and I ate them in four days. Sure, there’s 6 servings in the package but they’re so gooood!!

Also, I’m attempting this pizza ASAP [you totally should too]

Phew, ok, off to the Apple store to try and coerce my laptop into liking me again…


3 thoughts on “From around the web…

  1. Nice to hear someone has a less-than-perfect relationship with their Mac. I am the lone PC user in a family of Mac lovers, so permit me a small moment of smugness and vindication. Life with Macs isn’t perfect either. Good to know. (Seriously, hope your woes are soon worked out!)

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