Lima, Peru

My thoughts on Lima [because I know you’re dying to hear them]-

I really enjoyed parts of the city.  Little pockets of genius where you would walk to the edge of a cliff in Miraflores and see ocean for miles.  When you would turn the corner to the Parque du Kennedy and see flowers bursting with reds and oranges and pinks flanked by restaurants with outdoor seating and umbrellas.

Unfortunately, those moments were much more infrequent than the dirty/run-down streets, buildings with solid windowless walls, and shady looking alleys.  Would I recommend Lima to people?  Absolutely.  It was well worth the few days we gave it, but if given the choice of staying in Cusco or Lima- I would without a doubt choose Cusco [more on Cusco later].

The beach was relaxing with plenty of sun- full disclosure, its a rock beach.  The sushi and Chifas [Chinese/Peruivan fusion restaurants] were beyond amazing.  The pisco sours sipped under an umbrella-d table on the Parque du Kennedy were delicious and refreshing.  The markets were bursting with vegetables, seafood, and some of the best figs I’ve ever had.  But the charm of the city was lost.  I didn’t feel it.  I couldn’t get a grasp of what the city was about.

We spent one full day, and one afternoon/evening there and I felt that was enough.  There wasn’t anything else I was dying to see, and I didn’t feel like I missed out on anything.  In fact, both times we left the city for flights to other places, I was ready to leave.

I’m not, by any means, trying to paint a bad picture of Lima because I truly feel you should roam around and give it a chance before jetting off to other locations in Peru- it just wasn’t my cup o’ tea.

I would highly recommend the hostels we stayed in.  The first being The Dragonfly in Miraflores right by the Parque du Kennedy and the second being One Hostel in Barraco.  Both were clean with helpful workers and breakfast included- bonus!

Now for the pictures…


3 thoughts on “Lima, Peru

  1. I had exaclty the same feeling about Lima. It’s a really interesting city, worth to see and beautiful next to the see but you don’t feel such an atmosphere like in Cusco…It’s a bit like the travel hasn’t really begin yet…

  2. Great pictures, and I do see what you mean about Lima not quite knowing what it wants to be. I loved it, but I love big, gritty cities (I live in L.A., so go figure! 🙂 ). I think it definitely depends on the neighborhood.

    Can’t wait to read about the rest of your trip!

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