I love Peru.  How is it that I had never made it to South America until just now? Always opting to go to Europe instead?  Silly girl.

Now I know better.  Now I know how amazing the people, the history, the landscape, the food [!!] is/are.  To only be there for 10 days [12 if you count travel] was such a tease- and that was just in one country!  Bolivia seemed to be an amazing place as well judging by the fond words from fellow travelers.  Must. Go. There.

Oh, and Brazil and Argentina.  Uruguay too.  And Ecuador.  Totally need to go there.  Clearly I have many expensive plans in my [imagined] future.

Also, lets just talk about how many Aussies and New Zealanders were/are in South America.  I’ll give you a hint: a lot.  We’ve decided South America is like their Europe.  It is closer…

So yeah, I had an amazing trip, met a ton of interesting people- many of whom I hope to keep in touch with, and am 100% missing S.A.  Especially since I came back to a cold and rainy D.C. yesterday.

Currently avoiding un-packing and cleaning my room- though I immediately put all of my gross hiking clothes in the laundry, including my backpack, and showered for a very very long time.  Pictures may take a little while.  I have about 600 to sort through so expect an onslaught of Peru to come in the next few weeks.  Until then I’ll try to keep you occupied with random recipes and musings I come across.

Also, my Instagram has some Peru pics- username is jwolfe06 🙂

and this: Emeli Sande, “Next to Me

Hasta luego!


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