I approach empanadas the same way I do pizza: they don’t have to look pretty to taste good [judging by my pictures…obviously], and they are infinitely adaptable.  aka: amazing.

not perfect, but tasty!

I started out with the intention of making these variations…until I discovered we had frozen ground pork and immediately made the transition to making a version of these.  The dough from both recipes are amazing so either one you pick will be a winner.

I made the dough ahead of time and just worked with what we had in the freezer.  If tomatoes were in season, those caprese empanadas would have been amazing!  I also think a little sweet potato/goat cheese/arugula mixture would be delicious.  But then again I think anything with sweet potatoes is delicious so I may be slightly biased…

So whip up some dough and find some vegetables in your fridge and get creative!  Your taste buds will thank you.


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