From around the web…

Spring has sprung!!  I can’t wait for tank-tops and shorts all day every day.  Ahh summer, I’m really looking forward to you…and also to getting my freckles back in full swing.

Here’s to a warm weekend!

This will be helpful in a couple weeks when my parents leave me for the beach…

More cooking for 1 tips: buy a rotisserie chicken

Speaking of the beach- let’s all vacation here, k?

An awesome guide if you’re just starting out with a D-SLR or SLR [aka, me]

This has been circling around the web and blogs for a while now, and I still can’t get enough

100 best first lines from novels

How to travel for a year on $17,000…don’t tempt me…

I like this graphic

And this one is just crazy to think about

So, I really miss the HP books, but I can forgive J.K. because she’s awesome

This looks excellent.  Good work DC

To end, new songs from Santigold and Jack White

Santigold, “Disparate Youth”

Jack White, “Love Interruption”


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