OM-1 in black & white

I took my mom’s ol’ Olympus OM-1 out for another round of pictures this past weekend since the weather was so amazing.  I decided to buy black and white film this time around just to play with it.  Some came out really nice, but others were too washed out.  I still haven’t quite grasped the concept of lighting situations.  I’m so used to my digital camera that I don’t often think about lighting- it does the thinking and adjusting for me!

The first round of pictures were on St. Patty’s Day [a very sunny day] so with the b&w film some [with too much direct sunlight] are essentially all white or are a little grainy.  I kind of like them though…here are a batch starting near Piney Point lighthouse and ending on St. George’s Island:

I also took a few pictures around the historic ‘downtown’ of Leonardtown on Sunday.  It was an overcast morning so most turned out really clear.  The last pictures down by the water were a little blurry because of the haze:

True story, this is the church my parents were married in almost 25 years ago!!  That’s a long time to be married friends.  A very long time.  Good for them 🙂

Naturally, I also had to take a picture of Gracie, just because she’s so cute.  She decided to help us weed the garden by sitting down in the middle of it.  Such a great helper:

I really like the b&w look.  It makes the pictures [especially the slightly fuzzy ones] look vintage and 30 years older than they actually are.  I think my next roll of film is going to be strictly with the macro lens- I haven’t used it yet!  That’ll be interesting…hope you enjoyed the pictures 🙂


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