Almond-crusted tofu w/ roasted red pepper sauce

I’ve mentioned my tepidation with tofu before, but -like I mentioned earlier- I also really love it.  So, since it’s been a few weeks since I last had some, I figured I deserved a lil’ tofu in my life.

Enter: Roasted red pepper sauce.

It’s good.  I saved some so I could use it with pasta later [or something else that I haven’t completely thought up yet].  Ugh, love peppers.  Especially roasted peppers.  You can’t beat that smoky flavor folks.  You just can’t.  Simple math.  *warning* the garlic is kickin some major ass in this sauce- bring your gum…or just use less garlic.

I was drawn to the idea of coating tofu in an almond flour- definitely never thought of that one before.  I love the flavor almonds and almond extract gives to baked goods so, really, why not lunch/dinner?  Tofu can be so bland without proper preparation and a good recipe.  Needless to say, I welcomed this one with open arms.

So go on, buy some tofu and get your hands dirty [it’s good for you].

I served mine over quinoa…in tupperware [stayin’ classy] for this week’s lunch.  I think all those retired active Navy men on base have just stopped asking me what I have for lunch. They totally don’t ‘do’ tofu.  They were impressed that I made myself a sausage and cheese english muffin the other day for breakfast though.  #win


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