Houston weekend

I had an amazing weekend friends.  Sure, my body is still sore from playing in my sister’s soccer game and running around Houston for the Great Urban Race– but I’ll take it.

As an fyi: yes, if your outer abs are sore they will hurt when you sneeze.

I flew in Friday morning and after sushi [yum!] and a long walk with Baloo we headed out for soccer.  I was under the impression I was going to be a sub [it’s co-ed so you need a certain number of girls on the field at all times].  Sike!  No subs.  I played the whole game.  That was officially my first time playing soccer in over a year…I’m sure it was amusing to watch.

Saturday was jam packed.  We drove into the city for our race- it was a blast!  There are a set of 12 questions everyone gets with the answers leading you to a different place in the city.  You can skip one, and do the rest in any order just so long as you have proof you finished/solved the clues and completed certain stunts by the end.  To name a few: give a stranger a piggy-back ride, put a python around your neck, play darts, play a version of beer pong with bottle caps [I kicked ass at that by the way. And who says college drinking doesn’t come in handy?!].

Needless to say, by the end of the 2+ hours that it took us to complete all the clues- I was exhausted.  No rest for the weary!  We forged on because there was a rodeo to go to.

Houston hosts a rodeo the whole month of March, and we had two tickets for the first weekend.  Because of the race we caught the tail end of it, but we were able to see Luke Bryan perform!  I’m no country enthusiast, but he put on a good show- you don’t mess around at the rodeo folks.  Or with Ford trucks [?]…

We met up with friends for dinner at one of Jaclyn’s favorite Mexican restaurants: Cyclone Anaya’s.  I’m a fan of their Margaritas 🙂 but the food was also excellent- especially if you like your salsa spicy!

The night led us to a bar near the galleria called Prohibition.  Seriously, if you ever find yourself in Houston- go there.  It was 30’s themed and awesome.  I was geeking out over everything from the aged/burned menus to the pendant lights to the chalk wall murals.  Plus, the [attractive] male servers all had suspenders on and there was burlesque.  Not joking.  They took a theme and stuck with it.  Mixology is an art form there.  I had an “old fashioned”- I love me some bourbon- but any drink would be a good choice.  I was tempted to try their pisco sour, but I decided I had to wait until Peru.  It is their national drink afterall!

Also, four words: truffle mac and cheese.  Sometimes I make the best drunk decisions.  Sometimes.

Life changing.  That’s all.

More pictures to come- I managed to leave my camera in my sister’s car so you’ll have to live with these iPhone pictures for a little while [apologies for the low quality- an iPhone can only do so much in poor lighting].  Hope you had a great weekend as well!


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