From around the web…

Hey friends! I’m posting from BWI airport right now [so glamorous]- I’m visiting my sister in Houston! One word: rodeo. Oh how I love Texas.

Hope you have a great weekend- here are a few links to keep you busy:

New online shopping obsession- this could be a dangerous one

I love this ring. I think it’s technically an engagement ring, but I just want it for myself…

Ever thought about living in space? They have

Ugh, just another reason to love Brad Pitt [like I needed one]

Speaking of Brad Pitt…get awesome abs!

Writing a word everyday

On the hunt for new iPhone apps[any recommendations btw? I need some…]

An interesting Q&A on training and veganism

Also, I had this for dinner Wednesday night- I’m obsessed. Watch out Whole Foods, I will be buying more

And can we just talk about how Gotye now has over 92 million youtube views!? Not going to lie- I feel pretty cool to have blogged about them in December #guiltyhipster

kloveyoubye- I’m off to brewery tours, races, and rodeos 🙂


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