Italian Wedding Soup

I’m no Italian, but oh-em-gee do I love meatballs.  Since my lapse in ground beef eating I’ve been forced to seek healthier alternatives to the traditional beef, veal, pork mixture, and this one my friends is darn good.

The recipe from Good Life Eats is amazing.  With simple ingredients- it’s a great option for a cheap, comforting meal on a cold day.

You’ve got veggies, and more veggies, a flavorful broth, and meatballs!  Easy Peasy.

I’ve made turkey meatballs before [I substituted turkey for the chicken in the recipe], and they’re always yummy.  Sure, the fat from the traditional ingredients lends a much deeper flavor, but I think you can still get great tasting meatballs with a dose of quality cheese [I use Romano] and herbs.  I essentially make them the same way you would traditionally [spices, bread crumbs, eggs, cheese] except…you know…without beef.  I find turkey is better than chicken because there is a bit more fat to hold them together, but that’s just me.

It may seem sacrilege, but this way healthier and just as tasty.  Plus, who doesn’t love soup? [sorry for the lame picture :/ ]

P.S.- Happy Friday!  It’s almost the weekend!  Do something fun…with friends…and soup…


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