Wine [and whisky] worth mentioning

I have another [small] round of wines for you guys.  Drink and be merry:

Martin Códax, Albariño 2010, $14.99. Nice fruity flavor, no lingering taste, great with a creamy/cheesy quiche.

Riondo, Prosecco, $15.99. Great with fruit for a crisp morning brunch drink.

Tangley Oaks, Chardonnay 2008, $16.99. You definitely get a lot of oak and butterscotch in this chardonnay- I loved it.

OK, now on to bigger things: I really want to tell you about some Whisky.

Studying abroad in Scotland has it’s benefits. Like jumping right in to whisky with some smokey scotch. In fact, my professor all but made it a mandatory class assignment that we go to the Distillery in Edinburgh and each taste a different Scotch [no repeating, he was specific about that].

The one I tasted was Balvenie 12 year single malt scotch. It was love at first sip.

Since then I have moved on to Bourbon, Rye, Whiskey, you name it. I bought my dad some Willett Pot Still Reserve bourbon for Christmas, and if you’re willing to put a little extra deniro into your cup- that one should be it. It’s worth all $40.

I recently tried some of the High West line of whisky and I was really impressed. We tried 5 and the only one I didn’t care for was the “OMG Pure Rye”. I especially liked the Double Rye and the Son of Bourye 🙂

Go have a tasting- it’s fun. Just make sure you drink water…

Finally, I have a couple songs worth mentioning.  Even if they are a little old:

Coldplay, “Charlie Brown”

Bloc Party, “One Month Off”


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