Grapefruit and Olive Oil Bundt Cake

Confession: I don’t like grapefruit.  I actually kind of hate it.  I do, however, love sugar so I figured there was a pretty good chance I would enjoy Sarah’s recipe.

I was right.

You see, I’m trying to ease myself into new foods via sugar.  Take coconut for example.  I used to hate it until I tried granola that had toasted coconut flakes in it.  Life changing.  Now I use coconut oil in baking and stir fry.  I’m sure if I was forced to I would even eat a Samoa Girl Scout cookie 🙂  Plus, I’ve started to crave coconut water after long runs.  I’m a changed woman.

The verdict is still out as to whether or not pineapple and pickles will ever talk their way into my good graces, but only time will tell.

Ok, back to the cake.

I’ve also made the original recipe Sarah modified this one from, so I think it’s safe to say I’m a fan of anything olive oil cake.  The substitution of olive oil for butter makes it savory, and lends a beautiful crispy crust that I love.  It was sweet, but fresh with the added citrus. Actually, the grapefruit taste is pretty mild here.  You certainly taste it, but it’s leagues away from the bitter assault on your senses a raw grapefruit offers.  I highly recommend it- even if you’re not a huge fan of grapefruit.

*Side notes* I cut both the sugar and the all purpose flour by 1/4 cup.  I ended up not pouring the icing on top and ate the cake sans icing because I thought it was delicious enough without it.  My parents, however, went for the icing and loved it as well.  Pick your poison.  I zested two grapefruits, but I only ended up needing to juice one.  Apparently the grapefruits from Texas are like everything in Texas: bigger.


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