Super Bowl Sunday

Ahhh, the Super Bowl.

I’m still baffled it hasn’t been deemed a federal holiday yet because let me tell you- waking up for work on Monday was not a fun task.  Those west coasters don’t know how good they have it.  Actually, they probably do.  Especially the ones in San Diego.  Is it ever not sunny there?

Even though my beloved Packers didn’t make it, I had some friends over to celebrate this day in February.  This day where we all gather round the television to watch people obliterate each other to the point where they may as well have gotten into a few car accidents.  Ahh, America.

**side note, did anyone watch the Chelsea/Man U soccer game earlier that day?  Oh. My. Gosh.  Talk about a comeback.  Thank you for getting me through those four miles on the treadmill at race pace guys- I really appreciate it**

The Superbowl is nothing without wings, beer, and dip.  Friends brought the crab dip [this is St. Mary’s after all] chips and beer, and my dad made his infamous bean dip.  I attempted to make some bbq wings, and baked some tragically dry brownies.  No worries, Kahlúa swooped in to save the day.  Combine with dry brownies, frozen raspberries, and whipped cream and you’re golden.

I also had a bug up my butt to make soft pretzels.  I figured I owed it to my Pennsylvania heritage.  It’s only fair.

I used a recipe from Foodie With Family because everyone knows everything bagels are the best.  Plus, she is hilarious and writes with a British accent.  Colour.  Favourite.  I love it.

I was worried at first because I was having trouble with my dough- it wasn’t rising!  For lack of time and laziness, I forged ahead and hoped for the best.  Considering there were zero left once everyone cleared out for the night- I think they turned out OK.  Bonus: I had another excuse to use up some of that pesky bread flour I bought months ago.  #winning

Unfortunately, I couldn’t manage to snap any pictures of the finished product but trust me, they were cute.  Hopefully I have another excuse to make them soon because I am a huge fan of soft pretzels.  They’re a serious draw for me to attend baseball games.  Not lying.

Oh yeah, poor Tom Brady.  NOT 🙂


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