Caramelized Tofu with Broccoli

Let me introduce you to my lunch this past weekend, Caramelized Tofu with Broccoli.

You know how you’re wandering around the grocery store and you pick something up because you know you will use it soon.  This is what happened to me two weeks ago when I picked up a block of tofu and last Tuesday when I decided I hadn’t had butternut squash in forever, and I must have it now.

Fast forward to last weekend and I was determined to use them.  Especially since the tofu had a ‘use by’ date for Saturday…

I usually try to not eat a lot of soy.  I’ve heard things about soy and how it acts like estrogen in your body produces, and it makes me a little wary.  Needless to say, I threw that caution to the wind this weekend out of necessity and a desire to not waste food.

Despite my reservations, I like tofu.  I like it’s versatility, and for some reason I really like its texture. When you roast it a crunchy exterior forms, leaving the interior still soft.  It’s like a perfect pizza crust!

Anyway, desperate to use the tofu and squash, I scoured some saved recipes and came up with the aforementioned tofu/broccoli concoction.

The original recipe calls for brussels sprouts but, brace yourselves, we didn’t have any. So I subbed in the next best thing that also makes your house smell like farts: broccoli.  It’s really unfortunate cruciferous vegetables smell pretty rank once they are sautéed/roasted/steamed.  I say light a candle and deal with it.  I did, however make an attempt at removing the smell by roasting some butternut squash with mild success.

Speaking of that squash recipe.  It’s amazing, but totally ugly.  Ugly = I’m not making a post about it.  Instead, look at Heidi’s post and be amazed at her ability to make everything edible look beautiful.  She can do no wrong ladies and gentlemen.  I’m pretty sure it’s proven on the internet in a scientific theorem… or something.

As a side note: I had to do some recipe tweaking because I totally don’t have miso.  Instead, I substituted 1 tsp soy sauce and 1 tsp mirin for the miso and tamari.  Easy peasy.

I had never thought of caramelizing tofu, but really it’s genius.  I would also suggest using the coconut oil at least once while making this meal- I used it with the broccoli.  It adds a nutty flavor to the dish that I really enjoyed against the sweet caramelized tofu.  When I was cooking my broccoli I ended up sautéing it in the coconut oil for a few minutes then threw in a tablespoon of water, covered the pan and let it steam for another few minutes. It’s just my preference to cook broccoli slightly past that crunchy/squeaky stage.

Sarah recommends serving the dish over rice or quinoa, but I couldn’t be bothered.  I just ate it as is, and found it plenty satisfying.  Do your thing.


3 thoughts on “Caramelized Tofu with Broccoli

  1. Funny post. I can TOTALLY relate. Almost every time I buy tofu I’m convinced I’m going to use it immediately and it ends up molding in my fridge, and I feel sick about how wasteful I am. So I forced myself to stop buying it. Same thing with butternut squash! There is one that has been sitting in the grocery bag on my kitchen floor for about two weeks now…

  2. Oh nooo! Save him! haha This happens to me all the time with winter vegetables in particular because I find I don’t really know what to do with them besides make a soup or roast them. I’m worried it’s about to happen to some unsuspecting sunchokes….must.use.asap.

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