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Sorry, it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these posts.  In lieu of the weekend, here are a few links to occupy your time today while you watch the clock tick down to the weekend.  Hope you find something new and/or usefull! 

If you live in the DC area?  Awesome, get some pie

Make a collage!  Come on, you know elementary school arts-n-crafts were the best

Miracle hangover-fixer pill?  Here you go

I’ve been obsessed with these for about a month now so I figured it’s only right to share 🙂  I’m a fan of the “oh natural” flavor.

It’s very possible these are meant for men, but I love them all anyway.  That rucksack is calling my name!

Last week my sister wrote a post about a bunch of monthly boxes [think Birchbox] you can sign up for- the BlissmoBox looked to good to pass up.  I signed up for a 3-month service so be expecting a review in the next few months!

Speaking of ma sista- I got an awesome package in the mail from her yesterday with a bunch of goodies!  I’m currently sipping in the Bengal Breakfast Tea from Teatulia [SO GOOD!] and using this honey in my greek yogurt.  Yuuuum. 

In anticipation of my February 16th upgrade!

I had to sneak in an architecture article

Sadly, this Wednesday I ate my last YouBar.  It was my third order of bars, and this was definitely my favorite.  I chose: sunflowerseed butter, dates, whey protein [extra protein option], brown rice syrup [not too sweet option], crunchy rice cereal, pumpkin seeds, black mission figs, cherries, chia seeds, hempseeds, cinnamon, sea salt, Maca powder, coffee, and stevia as my ingredients.  Now it’s time to wait for another coupon so I can order again….

Also, everyone should make this.  I’m pretty sure your health depends on it.

And, finally, I love Sleigh Bells.  The band [even though Santa’s sleigh wouldn’t be the same without that familiar jingle].  They have a new CD coming out in a few weeks and here is their latest single:

Sleigh Bells, “Comeback Kid”


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