You know what’s difficult?  Taking pictures when it’s already dark by the time you get home.  Spring can come any time now.  Despite the lack of pictures, here’s a sample of our meals last week: I made versions of this and this [so goood!], and last week I was living off a salad of:

spinach, a pink naval orange [aka cara cara orange]- peeled and sliced, feta cheese, 1/2 avocado, and walnuts

Topped with some balsamic vinegar, it was dreamy.  Definitely my new favorite lunch salad.  Must. buy. more. oranges.

I’ll do better with the blogging, I swear.  Here’s my attempt to remedy that situation in the food department: green pea pesto ravioli.

At first I was skeptical, peas in my pasta?  Weird.  But I went for it because the flavor seemed to be there.  Onions, lemon, parsley, garlic.  You can’t go wrong with pesto, even if it does have peas in it.

Not to mention, what a great way to make ravioli!  Wonton wrappers?  Genius.  To think, I have actually considered making ravioli from scratch.  Silly, just silly.  I think some pureed sweet potato or pumpkin paired with a bit of goat cheese would also be totally awesome in these suckers.

I ended up having enough pesto filling to use up the entire package of wonton wrappers [58] and froze 28 for another dinner.  The original 30 raviolis will feed about 3 people.

For the sauce I went real classy and heated up a can of tomato sauce, threw in a few teaspoons of drained capers, 1/8 tsp cayenne pepper, and a few healthy shakes of dried basil.  Top it with some shaved parmesan, and you’re golden.


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