OM-1, take 1

Quick confession: I was completely under-rating film.  For some reason it hadn’t occurred to me that pictures developed from film could look as clean and crisp as photos from a digital camera.  That’s what I get for not using film since the 8th or 9th grade.

Sure, there were some duds, but far fewer than I was expecting.  Lesson learned: unless there is ample light, use a tripod.  Otherwise you will get pictures a little fuzzy like this:

And then there was this one, which I’m still unsure about:

Can I just claim it as “art”??

For the next roll I will definitely be paying more attention to light.  Specifically, direct light.  The picture of my cashew brittle was taken inside with indirect light [and a shutter speed of 60]- something that would have been fine with my digital camera, but not so much with the OM-1.

I want to start playing around with some of my mom’s lenses.  I only used the 50 mm lens for these shots, and I didn’t use any light filters.  I’m hoping to work my way up to the more technical things this baby can do- using what I learned from the last roll of film to the next.  Don’t you love how I make-up assignments for myself?  I should have been a teacher…

Ok, so now for the better pictures.  I haven’t edited these at all so this is just straight from the OM-1 for ya.  Some are a little too dark/fuzzy because I was in the shade [or inside] when I took the picture- note to self: don’t do that anymore.  One thing I noticed the manual camera does better than my digital one is the focused-blur effect.  My Sony will do it, but not to as great an extent as this one can- I’m diggin’ it.

The first few are taken at a wine tasting by Slack Winery, and they were actually really great tasting wines.  I say it that way because Maryland isn’t exactly the best climate for growing good grapes.  This winery uses grapes from Maryland, Virginia, and New Zealand though so there is a bit more to pull from.  The tasting was at a quaint b&b the winery owns on the water.  We were lucky to go on a beautiful day.

The second batch was taken down at St. Mary’s College just last week.  It’s a beautiful campus if you’ve never been there.  Very small, but beautiful.  I ventured out just before this cold front hit and Winter decided to show up in Maryland.


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