Olympus OM-1

My mom has gone through many hobbies in her life.  Horseback riding [one of my favorites], scrapbooking, stamping, and photography to name a few.  Considering the later of the bunch is slowly becoming one of my favorite hobbies along with cooking- I figured I would see what she had to offer.  I mean, that’s what parents are there for right?  Mooching.

I knew she had an old [1970’s] Olympus manual slr [single-lens reflex] and I was interested in learning how to use it in hopes of gaining some basic photography skills along the way.  I figured if I learned the basics of a slr camera – aperture, light, etc – then I would be able to use my dslr more effectively.  In theory.

Long story short, my mom has quite the collection.  I was expecting the camera and maybe one or two lenses.  Instead, she has five lenses including two macro lenses, a tripod, a flash attachment, and light filters…five of them.

As soon as I bought film and scoured St. Mary’s County for the correct battery, I decided to have a few experimentation photography days.  It’s a strange thing to use film- you feel more entitled to make it a great shot.  With digital cameras you can be as picture happy as you want and then delete the duds later.  It was a test of patience- waiting for the perfect shot, the perfect scene, walking around to find the best way to frame the picture.

I dropped the film off at CVS to be developed- this is literally going to be the first time since middle school I’ve had film developed.  Here’s to hoping they don’t turn out blurry/too dark or a combination.  More to come soon.


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