From around the web…

“We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars”  –Ocsar Wilde

Continuing my ever-present quest for new glasses.

Like Tory Burch but can’t afford the price tag?  How about C Wonder?  It’s founded by Chris Burch [they split up] so the style is very similar, but much cheaper

Traveling soon?  Here’s an option for finding a cheap place to stay with a local

A way to save money on clothes: a swap!

Some ways to save money on health foods

And a new health food snack to try

To end this very measly sampling of web links, I give you The Head and the Heart.  They’re a super awesome and chill band from Seattle.  Yet another reason to love Seattle.  I literally couldn’t decide which song I like better so I’m just giving you both of them.  Enjoy:

Down In The Valley

Lost In My Mind 

I hope everyone has a magical start to the New Year!  I have always loved NYE.  It’s a nice reminder that you are never stuck in any situation.  You can always do something to change your life.  You can always make a resolution to be better.  It’s refreshing, ya?  See you next week!


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