The holiday weekend

I hope you all had a great holiday.  I sure did, four-day weekends are the best.  Until you have to go back to work, that is.

Around here there was a lot of football watching [ahem, the Packers now have home field advantage for the play-offs.  Just sayin’ ],

yes, that is our "underwater" themed Christmas tree....

there was more than a fair share of relaxing- doctor’s orders 🙂 Gracie has a new best friend in my sister,

All while mom let her inner pyro run wild in the back yard, burning the ever-plenty fallen trees from Irene into a huge bonfire [notice the smoke in the background of the last picture].

Hey, so long as she’s having a good time, and we don’t have to call the fire department…again.

Considering my sister, the cupcake queen, was home- there was quite a bit of cupcake eating going on.  Probably too much.  But they were totally worth it: chocolate chocolate people.  Chocolate chocolate!  Excuse me while I go for a quick run.

Of course, there was a good deal of Bourbon drinking as well.  Merry Christmas dad, aren’t I a good daughter??

Oh, and I baked.  Just a lil somethin’ for the family Christmas dinner.  My aunt had offered to host it at her house even though she was getting surgery only a week or two prior.  In the end it was decided that “dinner” was actually going to be hor d’oeuvres and alcohol.   Fine by me 🙂


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