lemon blueberry yogurt cake

Having family over for the holidays?  Have time off from work?  Just feel like baking?

Make this.  But seriously.  Your family/friends will think you’re totally awesome [because you are].

And while you’re over at the Smitten Kitchen, you might as well check out all her recipes.  I’m in love.

She has a lot of recommendations for how to change up the recipe to your liking. You can substitute any berry in for blueberries, and I bet lime would work wonders too.  Hmm raspberry and lime yogurt cake?  Sure!  Why not.  Do your thing.

Needless to say, this is my first of many iterations.

The cake is extremely moist, but be warned: the recipe says to bake to 50 + minutes- I baked mine for a little over an hour [62 minutes to be exact].

There’s fruit so that makes it a contender for breakfast, anything goes for lunch, and its definitely sweet enough to constitute a dessert.  I actually didn’t even put in the whole cup of sugar [probably 3/4 of a cup], and still thought it was plenty sweet.

I hear it goes perfectly with a cup of tea in the morning.  But that’s just what I hear…


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