Confession: I go through food phases.

I had a fig phase [not over that one yet], and a brussels sprouts phase [not over that one yet either], and my new phase is persimmons.

I recently saw them at our local health food store, and was on the hunt for a recipe.  I had never tried one before, and therefore had to rectify the situation.  Every food deserves at least one try.  Yes, even you schnitzel [never again].

After I saw this recipe I promptly drove back to the Good Earth to buy persimmons for the dessert.  Fuyu, not Hachiya.  That’s important to note- they’re different!  Here’s a quick persimmon lesson:  Fuyu = good to go once you see them in the grocery store, even if they’re slightly hard.  Hachiya = you better be darn sure they’re ripe [they’ll be ridiculously soft, almost like a water balloon] because otherwise you’ll be left with zero saliva in your mouth.  Like none.  It’s crazy.  If I remember correctly it has to do with the high amount of tannins present in the fruit before they’re ripe.  I kind of want to do a science experiment just to see what it feels like…

OK, lesson over.  Basically, buy some persimmons and bake those suckers. After tasting them I think they could be substituted for apples [or even peaches] in any baking recipe. They have a similar flavor to a sweet apple, and have a slight cinnamon taste which screams ‘PIE’ if you ask me.  Next mission: persimmon pie/crumble/tart.  Wish me luck!

ps- sorry about the pictures, with the sun going down at 5:00, and fluorescent lighting in the kitchen it’s been difficult to get any pictures in : /


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