Christmas, 13 days early

So Christmas threw up in our house.  We have the Christmas dishes, place mats, trees [yes, that’s plural on purpose], lights, wreathes.  We have sets of the Dicken’s Village set up.  We have it allll [and more in the basement…]

And I love it.  We’re not exactly the type of family who decorates their tree on Christmas Eve.  Oh no no no.  We have our tree up and running the day after Thanksgiving.  It usually takes a week or two for us to throw ourselves into the bottomless pit that some people would call a ‘basement’ for the rest of the decorations, but we get there well before the big day.  It’s just who we are.  We love Christmas, and we flaunt it.  I am, however, very interested in Chanukah.  7 days?  Hell yeah.  Dreidels and gambling with chocolate money?  Double hell yeah.

In honor of the holiday spirit officially arriving in the Wolfe household, I made cookies. They share a striking resemblance to last weekends’ batch, but not as ‘snappy’ and more gingerbread-ish.  Molasses makes the world go ’round.

Go crazy, cut ’em into shapes and throw some roasted pecans on there.  Because, really, who doesn’t love a tupperware full of cookies?  The grinch, that’s who [pre Cindy Lou Who].

ps- sorry if this doesn’t make sense, I just watched Denver score a 59-yard field goal to tie the game against ‘da BEARS.  I’m mildly sidetracked…also because the best team [the Packers] are totally kicking ass…AGAIN.


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