What?  That title up there doesn’t just draw you in? You aren’t on the edge of your seat wanting more?

Yeah, cauliflower has a bad wrap.  It can be tasteless, is usually served less than fresh, and as just another vegetable around the ranch dressing.  But trust me on this one friends: it’s good.  Really, really good.  The key?  Roasting.  It makes everything better.

I bought cauliflower for this recipe [great blog by the way] that I cut in half for my lunch this past week, and since I still had half a head left- I couldn’t let it go to waste!  I had made this recipe from Smitten Kitchen before, and remembered loving it so I made my own [I think pretty close] version on the fly.  Another lesson?  Cumin is good.  I’m still not 100% sure how to pronounce it, but I know I like it.  The yogurt/feta mixture that goes with it?  Completely necessary.  It’s amazing.  Just try it.  How could it hurt?  Cauliflower is like $2 at the grocery.  Probably because not many people have caught on to how awesome it is- so let’s just keep this between me and you.  Cool?  Cool.


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