The weekly round-up

Phew.  It’s been a busy week.  I started working for a new contract Monday [yay!], and I still have people’s names swimming around in my head.  Luckily there are multiple Waynes, Mikes, and Nicks so if I throw one of those out there I have a good chance of getting it right.  And may I mention my impecible timing?  They had a Holiday lunch party Thursday and we were allowed to go home once the party was over.  I think I’m going to like this place.

As the weeks go by after my roadtrip I keep finding more and more things that would have been totally awesome to have…like this.  Does this mean I need to go on another one? Probably.  Definitely.

Ok, I’ll admit it: I wasn’t diggin Graham Crowley’s work at first, but it totally grew on me.  Give it a chance, s’il vous plait.

Ahhh an article on zero energy buildings.  I want one.  You should too 🙂

I like these earrings.  Original and funky.  Yeah, I just said ‘funky’ wothout any sarcasm.

I saw this company on a Groupon deal, aaaand I’m in love.  It’s a bit expensive because you have to both buy a member ship and a monthly delivery, but just look at the list of available products!! I’m seriously considering biting the bullet and buying the Groupon for a one month membership.

I like her work

Down with the highways!

The other day on OpenSky [yet another thing I subscribe to and never buy anything from- just dream] I saw they recently added products recommended by Brendan Brazier, and I was intrigued reading his bio.  My interests eventually led me to his site and food brand, Vega.  I had tried a performance bar [the recovery one] before from our local health food store and loved it.  So I ordered some food.  I’m on a healthy kick OK?!  Gotta keep it going through the New Year!  Fun fact: if you sign up for their ‘Thrive in 30’, you get a coupon code for 15% off.  Or you can just go to Amazon, the source of ll good things.

I also just bought another box of YouBars.  Have you ever had them?  I’m in love.  This is my third box, and I doubt it’ll be my last.  Right now they have a coupon for 20% off which is amazing because I’ve only ever seen 15% off.  They must be in the giving mood.  The code is W43B4 [use by Dec 24th!].

I just finished reading The Keep by Jennifer Egan.  I highly recommend it [and her book A Visit From the Goon Squad].  Warning: it’s a little disturbing.  Not like the Lovely Bones disturbing, more like A MIllion Little Pieces disturbing.  A great read either way.

Have a great weekend people!  I have a holiday party and some shopping to attend to 🙂


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