DC weekend

Ahh, DC- it’s been a while.

I drove up this past weekend to visit the bffl and her new apartment, and [of course] to celebrate my birthday.  Fun times were had.  We decorated a tree.  Naturally.

The next day, my mom and grandma wanted to go to the Craft Show at the Convention center so I dragged my tired butt out of bed and meandered my way across the city- opting to walk in a feeble attempt to work off that 2am IHOP run.  Breakfast: U Street Cafe, love you.  The vibe is relaxed, the espresso was excellent, and the vegetable quiche was perfect.  Definitely stopping there again.

I loved the quirky pieces by Kina Crow

The show was amazing.  So many talented artists there, but the prices were astronomical.  Not that that stopped me from trying to bargain down to a price I could afford…with no luck.  Le sigh.  I had my eye on some jewelry and these small [maybe 4″ x 4″] wood-framed square pieces by Thomas Meyers.  They were $120/a piece.  Sorry, can’t do that.  Maybe one day.  Another highlight for me were the pieces from the Insect Lab.  He took real bugs, and attached pieces from old watches.  I was in love.

After the show I dragged my mom and the g-ma over to Seasonal Pantry.  I had read an article about the dinners they host, but I wanted to stop in and see what they had for sale.  I was a little dissappointed, I was imagining tons of amazing cheese, and a meat selection that would blow our St. Mary’s grocers out of the water.  No, just some grains  and canned goods.

Itwas a tiny place though so I imagine storage isn’t really on their side.  Maybe I’ll splurge one week and go for a dinner [it’s $90 with wine!].







On my way back to my car I stopped at Chix for some roasted sweet potatoes [and a bathroom].  New DC mission: go back there and actually eat a meal.  They have a lot of vegetarian options, and most of the ingredients they use are organic.  Right up my alley.

I love that about cities: you can always find a new place to go, explore, and learn.  I hope to see you again soon DC.


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